1: Australian Made and Designed for our conditions.
Our award winning horse floats are designed to outlast any other trailer. We confidently back this up with a life time warranty. Our trailers have so many features standard that are extras on other makes of trailers that we are doubtless the best value on the market.

2: Light Weight
Our engineering is designed to keep the weight down as much as possible, this is achieved in many ways like better quality materials - our unique design, taller fibre glass roof so less steel in wall etc.
Our customers are surprised by how well they tow.

3: C.C.A. Treated Floor - Superior construction
We are the only manufacturer with a floor that is treated right through against rot, mould and insects. Our floors are coated with the spray on Equimat non slip rubber that seals everything, preventing water and urine damage.
(No staples etc making holes for water to enter the timber). Then add the superior support underneath! We have 6 cross members on our smallest trailers and up to 12 under the biggest. You know your horse is safe no matter how old your float!

3: Safety Mudguards and Flush mounted fittings
Special mudguards made very strong with all rolled edges to prevent horses getting cut or maimed.
Fitted with running boards, that remove the sharp edges on the ends of the mudguards that halters catch on etc. All externall fittings are flush mounted to prevent the horses getting cut or bruised or halter leads getting caught around door handles etc. Your horse's safety is paramount.

5: Large Windows
Large front tinted window allows in maximum light and a good view of the horses. Our sliding windows are taller than most floats allowing in more air and better circulation.

6: Unique construction
Stretch - glued construction making a vastly superior cladding, with no rivets or welds it eliminates stress points where fatigue will cause failure in time. Kick boards of high density polyurethane reducing noise and weight.
All galvanised RHS chassis and frame clad in gal or zinc anneal sheet to help prevent rust.

7: Suspension
We will build to our customers requirements, but we recommend spring systems. The reason for this is that the rubber systems are too rough and give too much vibration. Also we get a large number of reports from people with rubber suspensions experiencing bad tyre wear due to faulty wheel alignment and this can't be altered.

8: Paint work
Floats can be painted in any colour, even to match your car. We use an etch primer and a 2 pack polyurethane paint, this ensures a fine finish that will last. A wide variety of decals are standard and custom graphics are available.

9: LED Lights
All lights are now LED fitted as standard - so no more blown bulbs to repair

10: After Sales Service
Our service is second to none. You are dealing direct with the manufacturer and not an agent and we have trained staff specialising in servicing.