Nandor Horse Floats
With more than 40 years of experience in horse float and trailer manufacturing you can trust the quality of Nandor Horse Floats.Custom Made Horsefloats
We also specialise in manufacturing custom horse floats to suit whatever your individual requirements may be.
All of our horse trailers are superbly engineered to be immensely strong, yet lightweight.

Nandor Camper HorsefloatThe Nandor Camper
Fully lockable - Zinc-anneal sides - Electric brakes - Super-gal R.H.S frame - Fiberglass roof - Smooth sides.

Nandor Warmblood HorsefloatThe Nandor Warmblood
Sliding windows - Barn doors - Fully lockable - Electric brakes - Spring loaded tailgate - Running board - 2 pack paint.
The Nandor Queenslander HorsefloatThe Nandor Queenslander
Fully removable interior - padded rump, chest and anti-scramble bars - your choice of colours - Equestrimat floor.
The Nandor Barcoo HorsefloatThe Nandor Barcoo
High tensile galvanized sides - Gas strut assisted tailgate - Covered drawbar - 5 new light truck tyres on Sunrasia rims
The Nandor Angle Load HorsefloatThe Nandor 'Angle Load'
10" Electric Brakes - Roller Rocker Suspension - Fully padded dividers -
Fully treated wooden floor

You will find Nandor Horse Floats on Lake Manchester Road, Mount Crosby in Queensland. We are conveniently located about 15 minutes from Brisbane and less than 10 kms north of Ipswich. If you are located in New South Wales or anywhere in Australia, we can arrange the safe and prompt delivery of your standard or custom horsefloat.