Big Country Ranch Style PVC fencing is the best choice for your Horse Stud or Equestrian Centre.
PVC fencing is strong but flexible and best of all it is maintenance free.

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Big Country PVC Fencing

The ultimate fence to beautify your property
and provide the best safety for your horses
Queensland PVC fences

Big Country Supplies have obtained a sophisticated combination of tradition and technology, with their premium vinyl (PVC) fencing. Constructed of high-tech polyvinyl compounds,it has the same applications as wood fencing, but is maintenance-free. You will never have to worry about painting, rotting, warping, termites, corrosion or rust.

If your horse or stock hits your PVC fence with extreme force the rails are designed to flex and absorb the impact. Unlike wood that can break and split leaving sharp slivers or splinters which can cause severe injury, or steel that has very little flexibility and can result in bone or muscle injury. The high UV rating ensures that a Big Country Vinyl Fence will maintain its whiteness which provides high visibility at night. It is simply the safest horse fence on the market.PVC fence warranty

Not all vinyl fences are the same. Our Post and Rail fence is manufactured to the highest industry standards of UV protection, with 100% virgin vinyl throughout. This ensures long-term durability, flexibility and weatherability in even the harshest climates. Our PVC fences are designed for easy assembly and shipping. It is built to last and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Big Country PVC Fencing

  1. In most cases our PVC post and rail horse fencing is actually cheaper than a wooden fence and it is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  2. It will beautify and add value to your property by giving you the perfect looking post and rail fence.
    Your post and rail fence will never need to be painted, it is not affected by borers, termites, wood rot or rust.
  3. It won't blister, peel or corrode. PVC, sometimes known as vinyl or plastic fence, is your long term, maintenance free solution.
  4. The rails are manufactured with three impact modifier ribs (unlike other manufacturers which only have two) for substantially extra strength and yet they are still flexible to withstand impact.
  5. Being designed to flex under pressure and absorb impact this fence is the ultimate choice for horse and livestock safety.
  6. Big Country PVC fences are manufactured to withstand Australia's harsh conditions. They are made with 100% virgin PVC and have the highest rated UV protection.
  7. All posts are pre routed and the rails are pre notched for ease of installation. The rails simply slide through the centre of the posts so there is no need for brackets or fasteners.

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You will be surprised just how competitively priced a PVC fence is compared to wood or any other product.
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